Immigration and the Changing Face of Paris

Learn about the history of immigration in France and its impact on French culture
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3.5 hours
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  • Examines the role of immigration in France
  • Led by a social historian or political scientist
  • La Grande Mosquée de Paris, Gare du Nord, Belleville, and La Goutte d'Or
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My wife and I have taken several Context tours. I think we have sent a half a dozen people on the Occupied Paris walking tour and everyone has loved the subject and the guide. In Lisbon, we had a great trip as well. Each trip had an interesting subject matter but the tour guide is what made the trip stand out. My wife and I were intrigued to learn about a hot topic and see how it is playing out over in Paris. I understand that strikes cause issues with transportation, but my wife and I were thinking about leaving the trip an hour into it. Our guide was a nice person but seemed disorganised or scattered so much so that any question we asked would veer into a 20 minute tangent. The guide couldn't read cues that my wife was cold and didn't plan into a 3.5 hr tour bath room breaks. The guide wasn't able to walk and talk so instead we stood for 45 mins and then walked 30 feet and stood for another 30 mins. Disappointed is an understatement. This is a difficult topic to deliver well but apart from the 20 min intro on immigration as a whole, this tour felt like a waste. The cab ride was 30mins (subway was closed due to the strike). We then drove up to a different neighbourhood for a wasted trip to see a neighbourhood market and a closed out storefront of a mosque. This trip needs a rethink. The topic is interesting and very relevant but you need to better figure out how to weave it into an actual walking tour or how to repackage this trip. We have trusted the Context brand in the past but at this point we feel skeptical about going on another trip without a personal recommendation from a friend, before the Context brand was enough. We wasted a half day and a lot of money on this trip and we don't want to do that again or have that happen to anyone else.
This walk was interesting, but just far too long. Bathroom breaks and sitting need to be planned for. Arun had lots of insight, but we expected more emphasis on the "changing face" of Paris, with a discussion of the effects of immigration on the present and future. We got a wonderful and informative exposition of past immigration trends and their effects on Paris to date. We wanted to understand more about the changes coming up. Perhaps the discrepancy is just a matter of emphasis, but I don't think so. Perhaps the name of the tour should be changed too.
Arun is a superb teacher — a delight to talk with and learn from. Nothing is ‘canned’— he speaks from continuing engagement with ideas both broad & deep. He wears his control of material so easily that we are immersed in the complexities of subject with disarming ease. He is masterful.