Savoring Vienna Food Tour

Whet your appetite for Viennese cuisine and cakes worthy of an emperor
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3 hours
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  • Vienna food tour led by local food anthropologist and gastronome
  • Features tastings of unique regional specialties and local Viennese products, such as cheese, sausage, and baked goods
  • Various local specialty shops and restaurants
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We wanted to experience the contemporary Viennese food scene and get beyond restaurant recommendations found in travel guidebooks. Katerina took us to a variety of small shops to sample foods that we would have walked-by if on our own (assuming we would have thought of visiting that area of Vienna on our own which wasn't likely). Everything was delicious. A food anthropologist by training, Katerina had informative insights on Viennese cuisine. We enjoyed the Food Tour. It was one of those things that elevates a trip from pleasant to memorable.
I like your reminder 2 hours before - please let me respond if I need to. Food tour was great. Wide range of foods by a knowledgeable guide. It was in a part of town we would not have been to - big plus.
Katerina is absolutely wonderful - so incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and enthusiastic! She had everything so well thought out and was the absolute perfect hostess. We learned so much and Lukas (our 10 year old chef) was extremely happy! My only complaint is that Katerina told us that the tour runs at 3:00 pm and wondered why we requested 10:00 am. She brought it up 4 times because there was one place, for example, where we could not eat because there was a long line (whereas if we did it later, we would not have an issue). When we booked all of our tours we said that we could not start earlier than 10:00 am, but we were never told that this particular tour starts at 3:00 pm (which we would have done). In Barcelona for example, we started the tour in the late afternoon because that is when it starts - so we would have preferred to do the tour when it was supposed to be to get the full experience. My complaint is not with Katerina, but the Philly booking office should have advised me of this in that we would not miss the full experience. Katerina adjusted and we went to the grocery store (deli) to buy the thing that we were supposed to have at the butcher. Then we quickly had the soda in the bakery before having our cake (we were supposed to have the street food and soda together at the butcher’s store). I recommend telling clients when the tours usually start and the reasons why so that they can plan accordingly. We totally would have done the tour at the time recommended by the docent, to have the full experience.