About Guilherme
Gui (as all his friends call him) is a 39-year-old local from Lisbon who loves his little corner of the world so much that he dreams of making others fall in love with its cultural and historical richness. A student of Portuguese history, culture, literature, and language, he was only absent from his hometown for a year, when he embraced the challenge of studying in Florence, Italy. Marveling at his country's historical and cultural connections with other countries and places around the world and over the centuries, he got lost in the labyrinth of all these intricate and constant tangents, and even today, instead of looking for a way out, he scrutinizes every new and intriguing corner of this endless maze with the curiosity of a neophyte, calling each of these new peculiar regions his home. He wants you to discover all his favorite places near Lisbon, in addition to Lisbon itself, such as Sintra and its romantic mysticism, Cascais and its maritime voluptuousness, Serra da Arrábida and its wild nature that hides corners that are both intoxicating and sacred, and Queluz, Mafra and Ajuda and their magnanimous royal palaces. Join him on these journeys through the culture (raw history, cooked food, scrambled architecture, tasteful music, a thousand textures literature, and sweet, sour and spicy stories) of Portugal.
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