About Jane
Jane was brought up in the wonderful city of London where family interests in architecture, art and history led her to develop lifelong curiosity for all three. This evolved to encompass literature and language, which she went on to study. Now when she looks around her, she's excited to find herself in the city of Chaucer, Dickens and Virginia Woolf, see what they saw and explore their streets and haunts. After graduating, she went to Spain as a junior journalist and stayed three decades, immersing herself in a new language, history and set of customs. This experience brings her new perspectives on London, where she lives as both a native and a 'returner', making new discoveries every day as well as seeing how the city of her childhood has evolved. Jane has worked most of her life in education, in international projects with the British Council and with leading publishers as a marketing and content specialist. Now, as a guide and a lifelong learner, she's excited to share the great sights and hidden corners of our extraordinary capital.
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