About Lorna
Slainte! = Welcome! After many years in commerce, Lorna jumped ship, returned to University and followed her interests in education, archaeology and ancient history. She completed an MA in Arabic from Edinburgh University in 2011, and taught English as a second language in Edinburgh and in Cairo. Whilst teaching at an international school in Edinburgh's Queen Street, she designed a series of unique lessons to allow students to actively engage with the city outside the confines of the classroom. It became clear that her next reinvention would be as a professional Tourist Guiden and so, in 2022, she successfully completed the Scottish Tourist Guide Association training course and qualified as a Blue Badge Guide. This truly is her dream job, as it's a genuine pleasure to introduce new and returning visitors to Edinburgh and share Scotland's many charms and stories. Recently, while researching her family history, she discovered that her clan MacLean roots run deep, which for a Glaswegian living mostly in Edinburgh was a little surprising! As a result, she knows just how amazing it is to explore Scottish ancestry and ancient places directly or indirectly aligned with it. Edinburgh is a must see; a city steeped in history and intrigue, buzzing with vibrant cosmopolitan modernity and with an eye to future developments. She'd be delighted to make your time in Edinburgh a positively memorable experience, but with due deference to the Clan MacLean motto, what she should really say is, it would be her “honour” to be your Edinburgh guide.
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