About Mark
Mark Planellas Witzsch is an Official Licensed Guide, lecturer, writer/journalist and docent of Catalan and Spanish art & architecture. He lives in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. As a licensed museum and monument guide, he specialized in History, Art and Architecture (Gaudi, among other masters), as well as in the Jewish Heritage in Catalonia and Spain. Mark P. Witzsch holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy (History) of Art, another Bachelor in Information Science (journalism and marketing) and an MBA (Master in Business Administration), completed at the George Washington University and the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC). He studied in Barcelona, Japan and in the USA, specifically WASHINGTON D. C. Currently he is working as a museum and monument Licensed Guide. In a broader context, he is writer and journalist in cultural topics and he became a docent in Catalan artistic avant-gardes in Barcelona.
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