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Discover Buenos Aires: Recommendations from Our Local Experts

view of tour in Buenos Aires

Discover Buenos Aires hidden gems with recommendations from our team

When it comes to experiencing Buenos Aires, our local guides are more than just guides; they are true experts and enthusiasts. Meet our local Experts who go above and beyond to provide you with an immersive and enlightening experience.

In this blog post, we'll unveil some of their favorite things to do in Buenos Aires, covering both cultural and culinary delights.

Top Museum Experiences Recommended by Our Buenos Aires Experts

Uncover Buenos Aires' Hidden Gems in the Art and Cultural Scene

Museo de Arte Español Enrique Larreta: Georgina Guzman, a museum curator and expert on 20th-century female artists, recommends this museum at Juramento 2291. Explore valuable Spanish art in a stunning setting, once the residence of intellectual and politician Enrique Larreta.

Museo Casa de Rogelio Yrurtia: Georgina's favorite hidden gem at O'Higgins 2390. Discover the incredible art collection and the lives of artists Rogelio Yrurtia and Lía Correa Morales.

Rare Bookstores Alberto Casares & Aquilanti: Dive into Buenos Aires' book lover's paradise. Alberto Casares (Suipacha 521) and Aquilanti (Rincón 79) offer first editions, luxury volumes, and extraordinary collections.

A Buenos Aires Festival: Open House Buenos Aires: Santiago Fallon recommends "48hs Open House BsAs," a local version of the worldwide architecture festival. It offers a unique perspective on Buenos Aires' architecture.

Top Theater Resources Recommended by Our Buenos Aires Experts

Experience the Vibrant Theater Scene

Theater Extravaganza: Teresa Marcaida highlights Buenos Aires as the city with the most theaters in the world, with over 100 shows every night, from Teatro Colon to underground plays.

Buenos Aires Theater: Natalia Barry recommends Alternativa Teatral for showtimes and the city’s website for a comprehensive list of cultural activities, including theaters, museums, and cultural spaces.

Restaurants Recommended by Our Buenos Aires Experts

Savor the Flavors of Buenos Aires

Best Empanadas at Rincon Norteño: Natalia Barry suggests Rincon Norteño, with 17 locations across the city, including Viamonte 731 in downtown Buenos Aires.

More Empanadas at Ña Serapia: Kevin Vaughn recommends Ña Serapia in Palermo (Av. Las Heras 3357) for Northern Argentine-style cuisine, including empanadas, tamales, and locros.

Best Vibes at Hierbabuena & Caseros: Along Av. Caseros bordering La Boca and San Telmo, Kevin suggests Hierbabuena (Av. Caseros 454) for vegetarian delights and Caseros (Av. Caseros 486) for traditional porteño dishes.

Immigrant Kitchen at La Mamma Rosa: To savor traditional "porteño" meals, Kevin recommends La Mamma Rosa at Julián Álvarez 878, known for escalopes, sorrentinos, and berenjenas a la napolitana.

Explore these expert-recommended experiences to make the most of your visit to Buenos Aires.

Elevate Your Buenos Aires Experience with Context

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