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Are you looking for a more immersive and personalized experience of Paris? Our small group tours offer the ideal blend of personal connection and affordable prices!

Picture yourself strolling the Champs-Élysées, surrounded by the awe-inspiring architecture and learning about the fascinating history of this iconic boulevard. As you approach the Louvre, the iconic glass pyramid gleams in the sunlight, beckoning you to explore the treasures inside.

And the next day you might travel to Versailles, where you are transported to a time of opulence and extravagance, as you stroll through the elaborately designed gardens and gilded halls of the palace.  With a small group tour, you'll experience these moments alongside other curious, like-minded travelers.

Expand Your Journey with Context

Our small group tours operate in some of the most popular cities in the world, including Paris, Athens, Barcelona, Paris, and more. And when it comes to exploring Paris, there's no shortage of fascinating history and culture to discover.

Whether you want to upgrade your itinerary, meet curious, like-minded travelers, discover more hidden histories of the city, or spend more time with our incredible experts, small group tours are the perfect way to make the most of your trip to Paris.

Why Should I Take A Small Group Tour?

Make the most of your time on the ground

if you're short on time, small group tours are a great way to make the most of your trip. You can easily join a tour up until its start time, without having to spend hours planning and researching on your own.

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Connect with other like-minded travelers

If you're traveling solo, a small group tour is a fantastic way to meet other travelers and form connections that could last beyond your time in Paris. And if you're a curious learner, being on a small group tour allows you to hear the questions and insights of other travelers – providing you with a fresh perspective on your surroundings.

Your trip dates are approaching fast

Is your trip coming up and you're wondering if you should see more? Unlike our private tours, small group tours are bookable up until the hour before they start.

Are the venues you’d hoped to see sold out of general admission tickets? Our professional network of memberships provides you with access to sold-out venues like the Louvre Museum, Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower.

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How Do Small Group Tours Work?

With our carefully crafted tours, you'll get to see the most iconic landmarks of Paris, enjoy insider tips, and learn about the fascinating history of the City of Lights. You’ll meet your expert and fellow travelers at a public location that coincides with the tour route and set off from there on your journey.

A great way to get the same unique, personal Context experience, small group tours are capped at 10 travelers. And who knows, you might make a few friends along the way while you check off more experiences on your wishlist!

In this blog post, we'll take you through some of our best small group tours in Paris, which are designed to cater to different interests and preferences.

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Paris in a Half-Day Tour, with the Eiffel Tower

Only have a day or two available to explore Paris? Our small-group tour hits every highlight, with a local historian by your side. Perfect for first-timers, this popular itinerary includes visits to major landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower.

During our time together we’ll stroll the medieval streets and Gothic churches of the Latin Quarter and the famous boulevards and landmarks of the Right Bank. With a fascinating history and quintessential charms, get ready for an adventure in the City of Light that you won't forget.

Louvre Museum Crash Course

Did you know that it would take more than 30 days to pause and take in every piece of art in the Louvre collection? We’ve designed this crash course to hit as many highlights of this overwhelming museum as possible, in just three hours. This experience is perfect for both first-time visitors and art enthusiasts alike.

With pre-purchased tickets, we'll skip the lines and dive straight into the museum's awe-inspiring Classical Antiquities, grand Italian paintings, and French Masters collections, including masterpieces by da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Veronese. We'll discuss everything from the late medieval era to issues of power and politics as expressed by court painters. Our expert Art Historian will tailor the tour to your interests, making it a truly unique and personalized experience.

Montmartre Neighborhood Walking Tour

Join us on a three-hour Montmartre walking tour, where we'll dive into the traditions, lifestyle, and bohemian character of one of the most important centers for art and radical thought in the world. Led by a local historian, we'll explore the religious background of the area and reflect on the city's rapid urban growth in the 19th century.

Together we will explore the iconic Moulin de la Galette, which was once home to the down-and-out bohemians, and climb to the top of the hill to witness the Romano-Byzantine features of Sacré Coeur, an iconic landmark that towers above this arrondissement. Throughout the tour, we'll put Montmartre into an urban and social context, painting a vivid portrait of the key figures who have made the dynamic neighborhood their home, causing a shift from a provincial town to a bohemian paradise.

Versailles Palace and Gardens Tour

The Versailles Palace and Gardens Tour is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris and transport yourself to a time of opulence and extravagance. With a small group of like-minded travelers, you'll stroll through the elaborately designed gardens and gilded halls of the palace, learning about the fascinating history of this iconic landmark.

Our team secures pre-purchased tickets, you'll skip the lines and dive straight into the awe-inspiring Classical Antiquities, grand Italian paintings, and French Masters collections. Our expert Art Historian will tailor the tour to your interests, making it a truly unique and personalized experience.

Paris WWII Nazi Occupation Tour

Take a step back in time and discover the horrors faced by Parisians during the Nazi Occupation of France in WWII. Led by a Context Expert, this walking tour will explore the brave characters of the French Résistance and bring context to this dark period in history. Starting in the heart of Saint Germain de Prés, we'll visit critical locations, including the hotel that housed German counterintelligence and buildings used by the resistance council.

We may visit the Luxembourg Gardens, see where Nazi occupants went for entertainment, and pass by the famous Place Saint-Michel. The tour will also explore the Deportation Memorial, the Police Prefecture, and the Hospitalière-Saint-Gervais Elementary school, where 260 school children were victims of the Vel d’Hiv round-up. Finally, we'll delve into the liberation of Paris and the aftermath, discussing the reaction of Jewish survivors, the fate of German collaborators, and how French citizens dealt with this dark period. This immersive tour is perfect for anyone interested in history and looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Nazi Occupation of France.

Paris History Tour: The French Revolution

Experience the tumultuous history of the French Revolution on a 3-hour walking tour of Paris led by an expert historian. Trace the timeline of the 1789 Revolution and its aftermath through iconic locations like the Place de la Concorde, Bastille, Hôtel de Ville, Place des Vosges, Marais, and Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis.

You’ll gain insight into the daily life and class tensions of 18th-century Paris, and discover how the events of the Revolution shaped French society and reverberate to this day. With fascinating stories and visuals of historical sites that no longer exist, this tour is a must for history buffs and anyone interested in the enduring impact of the French Revolution.

Paris Food Tour: Baguette to Bistro

Our tour starts by grounding ourselves with two Parisian staples: bread and cheese. We may visit one of the best boulangeries to discover what defines a good baguette and its importance on the Parisian table, followed by a stop into an artisanal fromagerie to learn about some of France's nearly 400 types of cheese (and the various ways to correctly slice them).

Following our introduction to the basics, we'll delve deeper into French specialties, potentially paying visits to the butcher to tempt our palates with pâté, homemade rillettes, or this season's wild game. We might then sample a succulent chocolate made of roasted Equatorial cocoa beans, peer through the windows of the traiteur once responsible for Versailles's elegant fare, or even pop into the pâtissierie of our dreams.

Paris Food Tour: Pastries and Chocolate

Indulge your sweet tooth and discover the history behind chocolate and pastries on this 2.5-hour Paris Food Tour. Hosted by a professional chef or food writer, the tour takes you on a chocolate walk through the upscale Left Bank neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

During this tour, you will learn about the transformation of cocoa beans which become the various chocolate delicacies sold in shops today, and compare and contrast the flavors, products, and techniques used in making the famous Parisian treat, the macaron. With stops at various chocolatiers and patisseries, this edible adventure will tantalize all of your senses and enhance your appreciation for these sweet treats.


Small group tours are the perfect way to explore Paris, especially if you want a more personalized and immersive experience. With our carefully crafted tours, you'll get to see the most famous landmarks, learn about the city's history and culture, and enjoy insider tips from our expert guides.

So whether you're looking to upgrade your travel itinerary or simply want to add some extra depth to your Paris experience, a small group tour is a great option. With the help of a knowledgeable guide and the company of fellow travelers, you'll get to discover the true essence of this magical city.

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