Virtual Walking Tours to Help You Plan Your Next Trip


Virtual walking tours offering inspiration and insight into planning your next trip - Prague

Virtual walking tours are live, camera-led experience in destinations all over the globe. Once used as an alternative to in-person travel in 2020, virtual walking tours are now popular trip planning tools for those seeking itinerary planning insights, historical context, things to do, and a glimpse of what life is like on the ground in destinations they plan to visit. Context runs virtual walking tours with compelling experts all around the world every day. Here are 5 reasons to take a virtual walking tour before your next big trip:

  • Get Inspired: virtual walking tours inspire future travel plans and itineraries. Can't decide between destinations? Join a virtual experience and see what leaves you most inspired.
  • Get context before you go: learn more about your dream destination's art, history and architecture live with a local expert in your favorite city.
  • Make the most of your time: our virtual walking tours give you real-time insight into the cities of your choice, saving you time on hours of research.
  • Learn from the best: our live virtual walking tours allot time for a real-time Q&A with the local expert, so ask any and all questions you may have

Here are top virtual walking tours from Context to inspire, influence and provide cultural insight for your next big trip.

  1. Rome - Live Virtual Tour: Best of Rome's Centro Storico with Dr. Darius Arya

    Taking a virtual walking tour of Rome is the best way to get the historical context behind some of the most famous sites in Rome. Touring the Ancient Forum from home, with a historian, before you see it in person helps you get that much more out of the experience.

    Highlights: Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Campo de' Fiori, Baths of Nero

  2. Ancient Rome - Live Virtual Tour: Ancient Rome–The Capitoline Hill, Forum, and Imperial Fora with Dr. Darius Arya

    Ancient Rome has a complex history, making it hard to find a place to start. This virtual walking tour gives us an increased understanding of Rome's narrative that is ever-changing.

    Highlights: The Capitoline Hill, the Roman Forum, and the Imperial Fora

  3. Florence

    Live Virtual Tour: Highlights of Florence with Kate Bolton-Porciatti

    Learn about how Ancient Rome influenced Florence through this virtual walking tour, and see how the city transformed in the late 19th century when it became the first, proud capital of the newly unified Italy.

    Highlights: Renaissance 'palazzi', Duomo, Brunelleschi’s majestic dome

  4. Edinburgh

    Live Virtual Tour: Edinburgh’s Old Town with Dr. Irene Mariani

    This virtual walking tour takes us through the medieval streets of Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. Starting at Royal Mile, we stroll through the Old Town while discussing what Scottish life was like in the early modern time in Edinburgh.

    Highlights: Old Town, Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle

  5. Amsterdam

    Live Virtual Tour: Amsterdam's Eastside, Rembrandt, and the Rijksmuseum with Dr. Alette Fleischer

    This virtual walking tour starts outside the Rembrandt House Museum, walking along the waterways, bridges, and streets while concluding at the Rijksmuseum.

    Highlights: Rembrandt House Museum, Hermitage Museum, the Skinny Bridge, Herengracht (Gentlemen’s canal), Spiegelstraat

  6. Split

    Live Virtual Tour: Highlights of Split, Croatia with Ante Batarelo

    Put Split in context with this virtual walking tour, which will serve as an introduction to the city with a focus on the splendid Diocletian’s Palace. We'll also cover a number of beautiful and complex substructures, Roman Temples, and an impressive medieval settlement within its walls.

    Highlights: Diocletian's Palace - UNESCO World Heritage Site, Roman Temples

  7. Prague

    Live Virtual Tour: Prague Jewish Quarter with Michal Stanislav

    Unstated yet understood, we'll put the Prague Jewish Quarter into context with Czech historian Michal Stanislav. With this virtual walking tour, you'll get to visit one of the best-preserved Jewish towns in all of Europe and the iconic Charles Bridge in Prague.

    Highlights: Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, medieval Jewish cemetery, Charles Bridge

  8. Saint Petersburg

    Live Virtual Tour: Saint Petersburg Highlights with Vadim Malinovsky

    Join local historian Vadim Malinovsky live from the streets of Saint Petersburg as we visit sites such as the Winter Palace and the State Hermitage. The video-camera-led live virtual tour will take us through some of Saint Petersburg’s most iconic landmarks.

    Highlights: Palace Square, State Hermitage Museum, Winter Palace

  9. Berlin

    Live Virtual Tour: Berlin Highlights with Dr. Finn Ballard

    On this virtual walking tour broadcasted live from central Berlin, we begin with the renowned Brandenburg Gate, visit the city's most famous sights, and conclude our tour up at Checkpoint Charlie.

    Highlights: Brandenburg Gate, German House of Parliament (the Reichstag), Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin Wall and its most famous gate, Checkpoint Charlie.

  10. Paris

    Live Virtual Tour: Parisian Latin Quarter with Gil Soltz

    This immersive Paris virtual walking tour brings you to a lesser-known side of Paris, discovering historical churches, institutions of higher learning, classic architecture and animated streets plazas, while tracing the evolution of Paris's Latin Quarter as a center of beauty and truth.

    Highlights: Latin Quarter, The always bustling rue Mouffetard, Jardin des Plantes

    Written by Aanchal Kumar. Aanchal is a Marketing Associate at Context. Born and raised in New York, she graduated from Baruch and jumped into the travel industry after learning about different cities and cultures online, then experiencing them in person. When she's not working, she's writing about all her favorite culinary experiences (local and international) on Yelp + TripAdvisor.