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Introduce your kids to architecture in Barcelona and beyond with this interactive family Gaudí tour
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2.5 hours
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  • Casa Batlló
  • Block of Discord
  • Casa Milà (La Pedrera)
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  • Family-oriented architecture tour of Barcelona led by an expert guide with experience in working with children
  • Incorporates engaging exploration to foster learning in a fun way
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Tour Description
Walking down the street in Barcelona is like taking a trip into another world. Balconies fashioned like grinning skulls, roofs following the curve of a dragon's back, façades patterned with the undulating imprint of waves on sand—Antoni Gaudí's imaginative architectural creations continue to capture the minds of Barcelona residents and visitors alike. Gaudí and his contemporaries worked to create buildings that are at once innovative and seemingly magical, unlike anything that had ever been produced at the time and which continue to draw attention today. Our 2.5 hour Gaudí Tour for Kids, led by a family-friendly architect or art historian, will introduce children to these famous architects' work and Catalan Modernisme in a digestible way, providing age-appropriate explanation for understanding and appreciating the art of modernista architecture and urban planning.

Barcelona Architecture Tour for Kids

We'll begin our exploration of modernista architecture by talking a bit about the new Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona, where most of the buildings are concentrated. As the city began to outgrow the already cramped Gothic Quarter, Barcelona city planners sought to create a new neighborhood marked by new avenues, and an innovative architectural style that would set Barcelona apart from the rest of Spain. Why might the people of Barcelona have wanted to build this new district? And why in this innovative fashion? We'll find the answers to these questions by exploring with your guide. Comparing plans of the medieval Gothic Quarter with those of the Eixample, we'll consider the differences between the narrow, twisted streets of the former and the wide, straight boulevards of the latter.

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Casa Batlló with Kids

Arriving at the Block of Discord, a rare instance of adjacent modernista buildings, we'll identify again this movement's special motifs, pondering how they appear different from architect to architect. Can we spot what Gaudí liked, versus his friend Lluís Domènech i Montaner? Entering Gaudí's Casa Batlló together, we'll experience first-hand what it's like to be inside one of these magnificent buildings! In the attic, we'll stare up at the rafters—modeled after a rib cage—and wonder if we've been swallowed whole by a giant snake—or a dragon! In fact, the building was built to resemble a dragon, and we'll introduce the legend that inspired Gaudí to build this way. Throughout our visit, which includes time on the roof and an opportunity to see the whole of Barcelona, we'll imagine what it might have been like to live in such a strange apartment, comparing and contrasting Gaudí's vision with our own homes.

Experience Gaudí's Architecture as a Family

Moving on to Casa Milà (La Pedrera), we will have an opportunity to see a shining example of modernista architecture. Commissioned in 1906 by one of Barcelona's wealthy families, the Casa Milà served as Gaudí's playground for the next six years. From conflicts with the city over the building to the Milà family's doubts about the bold design, the building was one of Gaudí's more controversial projects. As our eyes explore the exterior, we will learn the facets of Modernisme, doing some close looking at the materials used, the curved, wavy shapes, and the natural motifs found.

Take Aways

As our walk comes to a close, we'll allow our imaginations to run wild by reflecting on our own modernista visions. How would you build your modernista house? We'll come away with a greater understanding of Modernisme and a newfound appreciation for avant-garde architectural risks.

Notes About the Gaudí Tour for Kids Tour

Please note that this walk does not include Gaudí's Parc Güell or Sagrada Familia. If you are interested in viewing the latter site with us, you may enjoy our Sagrada Familia Tour, intended for adults.

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Our tour with Olga was fabulous! My kids especially loved the scavenger hunt/competition that she brought for them to complete! That helped all of us to see and learn about details in Gaudí’s architecture that we would not have otherwise noticed. Overall, it was a great tour and Olga was fantastic!
Phillipe was great. Communication before the trip was excellent. Only concern/complaint would be price.
Jaume was super knowledgeable and excellent in connecting with the kids. Patient and efficient. He needs to remember that people can’t stand in the sun while he explains things and that the point of the visit is Gaudi’ and not Barcelona urban planning.