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Discover the heart and soul of Istanbul through perspective-shifting walking tours led by historians, art curators, archaeologists, and more.
Our guided tours immerse you in Istanbul's rich tapestry of history, culture, and innovation. Traverse eclectic bazaars, marvel at ancient Byzantine wonders, and relish delectable local flavors, all while our expert tour guides share tales that breathe life into every corner of the city

Unlock Istanbul's Secrets: Private Walking Tours Elevated by the Context's Expert Tour Guides

You'll experience the vibrant soul of Istanbul through our selection of captivating tours. Explore the fascinating tapestry of faith on our Religion in Istanbul History Tour, where ancient stories and sacred sites intertwine. Get acquainted with the city's essence on the Introduction to Istanbul Tour, an odyssey of discovery through its vibrant streets. For young adventurers, the Topkapi Palace Tour for Kids offers a captivating voyage back in time, filled with thrilling tales and enchanting discoveries.

Delight your taste buds on our Istanbul Food Tour, as you wander the aromatic Spice Bazaar and immerse yourself in the vibrant Kadikoy Market. Unearth the architectural wonders of the past on our Istanbul Ottoman Architecture Tour, where rich history comes alive in every intricate detail. 
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Had a great time in the miserable weather with Claire. She bravely soldiered along through the incredible Balat and Fener neighborhoods and provided extraordinary tidbits about Eyũp, the synagogues of Balat, the Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate and so on. The beautiful cobbled streets are an incredible side of Istanbul not to be missed. Topped off by a splendidly hot and soothing cup of sahlep in the rain. What could be better?
Banu was terrific! She brought the city to life for me through food - I enjoyed listening to her stories and fitting together a few of the seemingly limitless puzzle pieces of Turkish culinary traditions, trying out some of her favorite foods and touring the markets, randomly running into one of her old school teachers, and closing it all up with a satisfying cup of Turkish coffee at a relaxing café. I'd highly recommend this tour to anybody looking to expand their knowledge of Turkish cuisine.
Suleyman was great - provided historical perspectives, current political context, and good cultural understanding.