Tokyo in a Day Tour with Yanesen, Ueno and Asakusa

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8 hours
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  • Senso-ji
  • Ueno Park
  • Yanesen district
  • Asakusa
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  • Get the full picture of Tokyo with your interests in mind from art, history, gastronomy, aesthetics and architecture including insider tips along the way
  • Led by an expert local guide or scholar
Tour Description
One can easily spend days unpacking Tokyo. Unfortunately, time is not always on our side when traveling. With this in mind, we have crafted a full-day itinerary that will help you discover this dazzling metropolis. Tokyo is a city that honors its past, and on this tour allows for a deep plunge into the history, culture, gastronomy and aesthetic of Tokyo. Much of our day will be spent on foot, but in between sites we'll travel either via metro (the quickest option in Tokyo!). Our itinerary will be packed with the sites and the sounds of this Japanese capital we’ve grown to love since Context launched tours there in 2013.
  • Yanesen
  • Ueno Park
  • Asakusa
  • Senso-ji temple
  • 8-hour private tour with a local expert guide

We'll meet at your hotel bright and early to give a short briefing on Tokyo and the surrounding area (with relevant maps) before embarking on our Tokyo in a Day tour. We’ll take the (unnecessarily) feared Tokyo metro together—our expert guide will teach you how to purchase tickets for future travels and decipher the various train lines and colors.

We’ll head to the Yanesen area where we will visit neighborhoods that largely survived WW2 bomb damage and retain some of old Tokyo. We’ll discuss the original architecture, the arts and crafts shops, and the shrines and temples dotting the streets. We’ll stop for a local lunch (at your own expense): our expert will enlighten us as to Japanese dining practices, customs, and intricacies surrounding eating and gastronomy as we eat our meal together.

After lunch, we’ll walk through the picturesque Ueno Park where we’ll see everything from shrines to ponds to live performers and locals. Leaving lovely foliage and open space behind, we’ll transfer to Asakusa for a condensed version of our Asakusa Tour. The Asakusa area was well established before the Tokugawa Shogunate began to rule from Edo—what later became Tokyo—in 1603. We will discuss this national narrative as we walk through this area that still hints at some of the character of old Japan. Finally, we’ll visit Tokyo’s oldest temple, Senso-ji, and discuss how religion, customs, and traditions permeate Japanese society. 
At the end of our day together, we will emerge with a deeper understanding of daily life in this dynamic city. From shrines and temples to the Geisha district, we'll have touched on a lot. We’ll have ventured across the city to sites relevant to the fabric of everyday life in Tokyo. Our full day with a local guide will have prepared us to navigate the city’s complex metro as we continue exploring during the remainder of our stay. 
Is this tour suitable for people with mobility issues?
We cover a lot of ground on this tour - Tokyo is very big and while we do use public transport to get around on this tour, there is also a lot of walking to do as well. We often cover around 10 miles over the whole tour and therefore wouldn't necessarily recommend it for those who have trouble walking far. 

What happens if it's raining?
Our tours happen rain or shine. Our guides are great at adapting their route during changes of weather. Please bring an umbrella.

Where does the tour start? Where does it end?
The tour will begin in the lobby of your hotel, where your guide will give you a general orientation to the city and you'll head out together. The tour usually ends near the Senso-ji temple, but this may vary depending on the exact route your tour takes. Your guide will be able to give you recommendations for somewhere to get some dinner in the city, or can help you out with directions for where you would like to go after the tour.

What costs will I need to cover on the day?
We will pre-purchase an IC card for you to use on the day (and you can take it away for the remainder of your trip). You will be expected to cover the cost of your lunch and any additional refreshments.

Will the restaurant be able to accommodate those with allergies or dietary restrictions?
We do our best to accommodate everyone. Let us know when you book if anyone in your party has allergies or dietary restrictions. We will do everything possible to find a suitable location.

Is it okay to tip my expert in Japan?
Context clients generally tip anywhere from 10-25% of the purchase price of a tour, depending on the quality of the experience and their tipping habits.
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Angel was courteous , knowledgeable, and friendly He was extremely well versed in the history of Japan … very impr
She was flexible and tried to adjust the trip based on our needs. Many things were closed on Monday and it would have been helpful if Context had told us that in advance.
Wonderful, knowledgeable , just fantastic