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3 hours
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  • Piazza del Campo
  • Siena Duomo
  • Palazzo Piccolomini
  • Palazzo Pubblico
  • Via Francigena
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  • Join an engaging, local expert at the top of their field as you explore Siena's superb artistic heritage from its Medieval ties to its modern-day preservation
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Nestled amidst the sun-kissed hills of southern Chianti, Siena emerges as a symphony of medieval splendor. During your three hours exploring this enchanting city, you will embark on a journey to uncover the very essence of Siena, a city that has played an integral role in shaping the tapestry of Italian history. Guided by an expert who possesses an unparalleled understanding of Siena's hidden gems, you'll delve into the heart of this captivating place, unraveling its secrets and immersing yourselves in its captivating charm.

Your senses will be awakened as you wander through the Piazza del Campo, Siena's iconic fan-shaped piazza, where the electrifying Palio horse race takes place. You will imagine the thundering hooves, the palpable excitement, and the sheer exhilaration of this medieval spectacle. Next, you'll stand in awe before the majestic Duomo, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that stands as a testament to Siena's artistic prowess. You will gaze upon its soaring façade, intricate carvings, and stained-glass windows that bathe the interior in a kaleidoscope of light.

As you stroll through Siena's labyrinthine streets with your local guide, you will encounter the historic Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank, the oldest surviving bank in the world. You will also visit Palazzo Piccolomini and Palazzo Pubblico, unveiling Siena's political and social history. You'll step back in time, imagining the bustling courts and lively debates that once filled these halls.

Siena's profound religious heritage will also become evident as you trace the footsteps of pilgrims along the ancient Via Francigena pilgrimage route. You'll be immersed in the city's spiritual aura, understanding the profound impact of religion on Siena's identity.

As you conclude your Sienese adventure, you'll take with you an indelible impression of the city where art, history, and beauty converge.

Please note: Scaffolding will be covering the Buon Governo fresco during renovations. Until January 6, Palazzo Publico is allowing people to purchase tickets for 20 euro to climb the scaffolding to view the fresco; inquire with us if you are interested and we can arrange tickets.
  • You’re looking to explore the city on foot and absorb fascinating insights at every turn
  • You’re hoping to discover the city through the eyes of a local expert
  • You love to walk and want to cover a lot of ground to orient yourself in the city
  • Il Campo – piazza at the heart of Siena where the world-famous Palio horse race is held.
  • Siena Duomo – cathedral which stands as a symbol of Siena. 
  • Palazzo Pubblico – served as the seat of the Republic of Siena's government.
  • Via Francigena – ancient pilgrimage route that runs throughout Europe.
  • Includes Siena Duomo Complex tickets and Museo Civico at the Palazzo Pubblico tickets.
  • For more information on planning your tour, read more about how to arrange your next visit to Siena in our Context Story!
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  • The itinerary is adaptable for clients with mobility issues.
Wheelchair accessibility
  • The Duomo and Museo Civico sites are wheelchair accessible. 
  • If you have mobility concerns, please contact us to discuss the best tour option for you.
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Can we be met by our guide in Florence?
Your guide is a local expert, so you will meet directly in Siena. If you would like the convenience of help getting to Siena, please contact us to arrange a private car for you.

How can I get to Siena from Florence?
 The best way to reach Siena from Florence is with the SITA bus line. The SITA bus line leaves the bus depot on Via Santa Caterina di Siena, just a block southwest from the front of Santa Maria Novella station at least once an hour on weekdays and the ride is about 75 minutes. Taking the train to Siena is discouraged- the bus stop is in the middle of Siena, while the train will leave you on the outskirts, forcing you to get a taxi.
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Always informative. We use Context in every new city we visit & are always glad we did.
We learned so much! If you are going to Siena, I cannot recommend this tour enough. Having a guide walk around with you and provide so many details and lessons on the spot is invaluable. Our guide, Domenico, is truly passionate and knowabout what he does which made our experience so enjoyable and fun. Given the limited time that we had in Siena, I feel that we were able to make the most of it because of our tour. My only regret is that the time went by too quickly.
First and foremost, I'd like to highlight that my friends and I have taken several tours with Context Travel in the past few days, and each one of them was an outstanding experience. The guides were engaging, knowledgeable, and made our visits truly memorable. However, I must express my disappointment with the tour in Siena. The primary concern was the guide proficiency in English. It was exceptionally challenging for anyone in our group to grasp what he was trying to convey. Furthermore, his presentation style lacked cohesion, often feeling disconnected and confusing. By the end of the tour, most of us were genuinely relieved that it had concluded. I chose to rate the tour 2 out of 5 instead of 1 out of 5 because, despite the glaring issues, it was evident that he had good intentions. It was clear he wanted to deliver a positive experience, but sadly, he was not equipped to do so for an English-speaking audience. Considering this, it might be more beneficial for both the guide and the tourists if he is assigned to groups that speak Italian. He might be able to offer a far better experience in his native language. I genuinely hope this feedback will be useful for enhancing your future offerings.