About Elchi
Elhanan, known as Elchi, grew up in Beit Yatir, in the Judea region, and is of Tunisian, Algerian and French origin. He studied at Rabbi Steinzalz's yeshiva and then enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces for combat duty. Daily contact with Arabian society encouraged him to pursue Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. Elchi worked in archaeological excavations and as a guide in the City of David, while completing a course in tour guiding, from which he graduated with honors. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree with honors in the History of the Jewish People, specializing in Oriental and Arabic Studies. He is currently studying for a Master's Degree in Middle Eastern and Arabic studies. Elchi also studied with an expert winemaker and makes wine and brews beer, himself. Among Elchi's hobbies are free diving, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and playing the ukulele. He guides in English and French.
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