About Ilana
Ilana was born and raised in the city of Ramla, in the center of Israel. As her mother is from Azerbaijan and her father is from Morocco, Ilana was naturally exposed to different cultures in her home. Growing up in the multicultural Ramla, with 52 communities from around the world living side by side, stoked Ilana's desire to understand multiple cultures. So, she decided to become a guide and storyteller. Ilana loves people, history, religions, and culture. She also has a great love for water, movement, and treatment, and in 2011 she graduated with a degree in hydrotherapy studies. In 2014, she became a qualified tour guide in Israel, with a focus on tours in Jerusalem. Ilana also did a in-depth Bible course for tour guides through the Yad Ben Zvi Institute. She also loves plants and botany very much, and she worked for several years as a guide at the Jerusalem Botanical Garden. Today, Ilana is a licensed tour guide, hydrotherapist, and Watsu therapist, and when not working as a guide or therapist, you will find Ilana traveling in the mountains of Jerusalem.
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