About Olga
Olga speaks five languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan) and has been working as a licensed tour guide of Barcelona and Catalonia for ten years. Having lived and worked in England and The United States and completed two university degrees studying in two countries (France and Spain), she also has a solid educational background in art history and literature. Apart from that, Olga has dabbled in radio and TV journalism. Her passion for Barcelona, where she was born and raised, led her to work as a radio host for a cultural program about the city for eight years. In addition, she studied dramatic art for three years and worked as an actress and drama and dance teacher for seven years. Drawing on her background in drama and journalism, she uses storytelling techniques and emotions to bring history to life and create memorable experiences. She thinks that having fun is the best way to learn. Her goal for every tour she guides is to make travellers fall in love with Barcelona.
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