About Sara
Come with Sara and explore the best Florence has to offer. From world class museums and galleries to famous sites such as Santa Maria del Fiore, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella and the Palazzo Vecchio! She will ensure guests get the most out of their visit. She can show off Florence and Tuscany's hidden treasures such as narrow medieval street, hidden gardens, unique shops, and the quirky details that make a tour memorable while discovering Florence’s past, present and future. She is very adaptable and flexible with guest interests and taking account of any special events taking place or the weather. With her as a private guide, guests will have the time to fully experience Florence, stopping to take the perfect photo or popping into one of the shops, cafes or pubs. She is also an enthusiastic well-spoken language teacher who has the ability to motivate different student ranges and a freelance translator for English and Scandinavian languages! She has a great passion for art and cooking, and considers cooking to be a high art form, so she suggests how to pair food and wine, while also looking for the right setting, as eating should be an all-around experience. She loves cooking and makes her own pasta, bread and pizza!
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