About Sibel
Sıbel was born in Istanbul, the city where Europe and Asia meet, and has been living in Madrid for 20 years. She became "Madrileño" (a native of Madrid) by chatting for hours and hours with Spanish grandmothers telling her how Spain was when they were young, by tasting the weirdest food in Europe, by reading tons of history books about Madrid, by learning the meaning of the names of every street of the city, by admiring hidden buildings, palaces, and by participating in Madrid Architecture week and discovering unexplored new palaces. She graduated with a degree in Italian Language and Literature from the University of Ankara, with a thesis on Leonardo de Vinci’s literary manuscripts. She completed a Master's degree on Mexican Culture, History and Spanish Studies at the Autonomous University of Mexico, by virtue of an academic grant from the Mexican Government. She subsequently completed a second Master’s Degree on the “Challenges for the New World Order: Peace, Human Rights, Co-operation and Development, International Relations,” with the backing of an academic grant from the International Studies Institute in Madrid, and a third Master’s Degree in “Immigration and Community Relations” from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is currently writing her PhD thesis on Applied Linguistics at the Complutense University of Madrid, while teaching at the same university. Sibel has taught English, Italian and Spanish in Greece, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Turkey. She speaks six languages and is specialized in new methods for language teaching and learning. She led tours in Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, South America and Asia, before finally choosing her favorite destination to call home. Sibel loves sharing her experiences and knowledge of this wonderful country called Spain, and the mythology, history, and curiosities of Madrid.
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