About Suzie
I want to take you by the hand on an unforgettable journey through the city where I was born and that makes my heart beat. I am eager to show you the real Barcelona, the one that does not appear in guide books or on the Internet. As all cities, Barcelona is shaped by its people, their customs and their way of life. So, what better way to discover it than through the eyes of a native resident, who not only is a qualified Licensed Tour Guide (2010), but who also holds a degree in Art History (2001)? If you are looking for an authentic experience rather than a conventional guided tour, contact me and I will be delighted to share my passion for the city and its culture and traditions. Language is not a barrier: I speak castellano, Català, English und ein bißchen Deutsch. I promise to provide you with a unique experience and insight into Barcelona. My goal is to turn goodbye into fins aviat (see you soon); in other words, I want to make sure you want to come back for MORE! By the way… I love challenges! So please, don't hesitate and ask away. As for me, I have just one question: are you ready to go?
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