About Valeria
After obtaining her degree in Classical Studies, Valeria had the great opportunity to spend a few years in Athens, Greece, and attend a three-year Masters program in Aegean Prehistory (the history and archaeology of Bronze Age Crete), at the Italian Archaeological School. Once back in Italy, she completed her education by earning a PhD in Aegean Archaeology. Since 2003, she has been involved in field work and international projects relating to the archaeology of Greece and since 2011, she has began to collaborate as a free-lance archaeologist with ISMA (Institute of Studies on Ancient Mediterranean). She has been giving lectures on a wide range of topics concerning archaeology and the history of ancient art to upper secondary school students and to American University students. In 2010, she began to work in the field of art education and to guide tours in Rome. Passionate about sculpture, both ancient Greek and Roman and Modern, her most beloved places in Rome are the Borghese Gallery and the Vatican Museums.
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