Toledo: City of the Three Cultures

Explore the medieval melting pot of Jewish Christian and Moorish cultures on this Madrid excursion
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5.7 hours
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  • Travel to the center of both culture and religion amongst the Middle Ages, complete with tours of mosques, synagogues, and churches
  • Led by a historian
  • Toledo Cathedral, Synagogue of El Transito, Church of Santo Tomé, Cristo de la Luz Mosque, and Santa María la Blanca
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93 Reviews
Barbara was superb. She has a gift for communicating clearly and with engaging color both the history and the culture of Spain. She is plainly an expert in her field. We were also impressed with the poise that she showed in dealing not only with the elements (cold and rain) but also with a member of our small group who believed that he was capable of leading the tour, finishing Barbara’s sentences (often incorrectly) and generally disrupting her polished presentations. She earned an A+ for this tour.
Excellent day as is usually the case! Barbara very good. No issues at all. Maybe make the tour one hour longer. We moved at a pretty brisk pace.
You did an excellent job with our tour. Barbara was such an excellent source of information. Thank you for granting us your best guide. WE LOVED BARBARA!