Mexico City Architecture Tour: Roma and Condesa

Connect with the soul of Mexico City through architectural wonders and cinematic history in these hipster havens
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3 hours
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  • Condesa Neighborhood
  • Parque Mexico
  • Roma Neighborhood
  • Roma Market
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  • Travel back in time to an iconic age of architecture as you stroll among decadent, sophisticated Art Deco and French Art Nouveau construction.
  • Did you know that before Hollywood glittered, Mexico City pulsed with its own cinematic golden age? Unlock the secrets of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema as you stroll through the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city.
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Tour Description
Bienvenidos al barrio de los hipsters! Prepare for a feast for the senses as you stroll through two of Mexico City’s iconic neighborhoods, a must-do for anyone visiting CDMX. La Condesa and La Roma are a haven for creatives today, but they also hold stories of the past, if only you know where to look.

  • Meet in La Condesa and travel back in time to the iconic era of the 1930s and ‘40s. Walk beneath and beside architectural treasures from Serrano, Buenrostro, and Barragan. Delight in a variety of vibrant colors, sumptuous lines, and organic forms that tumble and play down the streets, enveloping you as if you were peering through a kaleidoscope of Mexican architectural history.
  • Move toward the open arbors of the Lindbergh Open Air Theater. Walk the same streets as the stars of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. Discuss the rise and fall of this iconic time with your expert and connect with the energy that still lingers from former Golden Age starlets.
  • Stroll into La Roma, stopping at the iconic Roma Market. Grab an on-trend fresh-squeezed juice, fair-trade coffee, or classic Mexican snack. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a cerveza on the breezy upstairs patio? 
  • Venture into La Romita, the soul of La Roma. Time permitting, this secret neighborhood that was once an indigenous settlement welcomes you to explore its quaint streets that have become a destination for street artists and their vibrant murals. 

Here, your guided tour concludes, but your adventures are only just beginning. Continue to enjoy the neighborhoods’ quirky and artistic atmospheres, visiting local art galleries and shops. And don’t forget to look up - some of the best architecture can be found with just a glance above you. 

We leave you with a famous line from Golden Age superstar Pedro Infante: “Yo soy quien soy, y no me parezco a nadie,” meaning “I am who I am, and I’m not like anyone.” In these neighborhoods, you’re invited to be yourself.
  • You seek out hip locales in every destination you visit. Quaint bookstores, quirky cafes, and contemporary art galleries provide ample opportunity for unique experiences with locals. 
  • You delight in Art-Deco, French Nouveau, Modernist, and Neo-Gothic architecture.
  • You love classic films or want to learn more about Mexico’s meteoric rise on cinema’s global stage, along with what caused the Golden Age of Mexican cinema to come to a halt. 
  • You want to walk the streets of a hidden neighborhood gem that isn’t usually highlighted by major tour operators (and only your coolest friends will know about).
Where does this walking tour end? 
This walk typically ends in the Roma neighborhood. Your expert can point you in the right direction of your next destination.

Are there any changes to the tour during inclement weather?
The essence of the tour remains the same, but we might adjust the route slightly to spend less time in open areas during heavy rain.

Should I wear specific shoes for the tour?
Comfortable walking shoes are strongly advised, regardless of the weather. Our tour involves a fair amount of walking, and we want to ensure you're comfortable throughout.
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We enjoyed our tour with Diego! We appreciated looking at buildings with a professional architect. We found him to be extremely personable and knowledgeable. He patiently answered our many questions!
Juilo was a wonderful guide and shared his vast knowledge of the city's architecture. We would definitely recommend this tour for anyone looking to learn more about the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods. Be advised that it is nearly 3 hours of walking so geared toward people looking for an active experience.
Rosa was friendly and gave us a great tour of many places we never would have appreciated on our own