About Eva
Growing up in a family of artists, Eva had an early taste for art and history. She remembers spending many a childhood afternoon looking at paintings and imagining all sorts of stories from different worlds and civilizations. This helped her develop my sense of observation, a key to experiencing art. When she's with her visitors, she tries to help them see the details that convey the story of a painting, sculpture or building and the artists behind those creations. An entire world can be hidden in a few details. For Eva, it’s like seeing things for the first time all over again! Eva was born in Poland. At the age of 16 she left her country for a career as a fashion model and traveled extensively around the world, settling for a time in the USA, Britain, Italy and Japan. Eva earned her Masters in Art History in Paris in 2008, and then moved across the Channel to London, where she led tours at Westminster and the National Gallery. Eva is currently awaiting her final results to become a qualified London Blue Badge Guide after two years of very intense training. Eva divides her time in between London and Paris, and when she is not leading tours in the Louvre or at the Orsay, she teaches painting and takes photographs. Her first public exhibition of photographs took place in March 2017 in her native Poland.
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