About Manami
Manami Okazaki is a journalist fluent in English. She writes for major newspapers and magazines internationally about Japanese culture. She specializes in Japanese culture, popular culture and folk culture. She has written 13 books on Japanese culture including Kawaii, the Culture of Cute, Takumi, Downtown Tokyo Japanese Artisans, Land of the Rising Cat, Japanese Kokeshi Dolls: The Woodcraft and Culture of Japan's Iconic Wooden Dolls and Japan's Best Friend. She also curates exhibitions globally in collaboration with Japanese artisans. She is also the owner of Tonbi Books which specializes in rare Japanese books and folk craft in downtown Tokyo. Because of her work, she is very familiar with Japan's downtown culture and can give insight into the lives of denizens and artisans that make up the East side of Tokyo and the unique urban layout of the region. She has studied Japanese urbanism and post war history at an academic level (MA in journalism from Columbia University). She is genuinely passionate about sharing Japanese culture and sharing her knowledge with people in an accessible and effervescent manner.
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