Athens Shore Excursion from Piraeus, with the Acropolis

Experience the highlights of Athens during your port stopover
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7 hours
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  • Acropolis Museum
  • Acropolis
  • Monastiraki Neighborhood
  • Agora
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  • Shore excursion from Piraeus to Athens with private car service
  • Private tour led by a PhD- or MA-level expert
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Tour Description
Make the most of your limited time in Athens with our carefully crafted shore excursion that will introduce you to the best of this ancient city during your port stopover, picking you up at 8:00am for your tour at 8:30am and dropping you back at 4:00pm. In the company of an expert guide, you’ll explore the Acropolis of Athens, the Monastiraki neighborhood, and the Ancient Agora, getting well acquainted with the history and local culture of this beautiful and fascinating place.

When booking this tour, please note the name of your cruise ship and arrival and departure times in the 'Additional Details' box.
  • Acropolis
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Monastiraki
  • Ancient Agora
  • 8-hour private car service with pick up and drop off at your cruise port
  • 7-hour tour with an expert guide
  • Tickets to the Acropolis Archaeological Sites and the Acropolis Museum
Your day will begin at 8:00am when your driver collects you from your cruise ship at Piraeus and whisks you away into Athens itself. This private car service will be at your disposal for the day, helping you to fit as much into your time as possible. On your arrival in Athens at about 8:30am, you’ll meet your expert and make your way to the city’s iconic Acropolis.

Your morning will be spent exploring the collection of buildings that make up the Acropolis, from the Parthenon to the Temple of Athena Nike, the Propylaea and the Erechtheion. With your expert’s guidance, you’ll delve into ancient Greek history, learning about the development of Athens as a city through the lens of its most famous ruins. Strolling over to the Acropolis Museum, you’ll continue along these archaeological themes, your expert using the exhibits on display to illuminate what you’ve already learned at the Acropolis itself.

Next, you’ll refresh and refuel with a lunch (at your own expense) before continuing your day with a neighborhood tour of Monastiraki and visit to the Ancient Agora. The Agora was a site of commercial, social and ritual gatherings for Athens’ ancient inhabitants, and your expert will use its ruins to paint a picture of daily life for ancient Athenians.

Please note: The exact order of the tour is flexible and may change depending on traffic or other conditions on the day.

After 7 hours together, your time with your expert will draw to a close. Your driver will transport you back to Piraeus, getting you to the port for 4:00pm. You'll leave Athens for your next destination with a deeper understanding of ancient Athenian society and culture, and how this ancient history has left its mark on the city today.
What time will we be picked up from the port?
You will be picked up by your private driver at 8:00am. You will then be driven into Athens to meet your guide for your tour at 8:30am.

Where will we meet the guide?
You will meet the guide in Athens near the Acropolis.

How long will we have the car service for?
We will book the car service for 8 hours - this includes 30-minute transfers each way from Piraeus to Athens and back and 7 hours of tour time.

How long will we have with the guide?
You will spend 7 hours with the guide. The driver will meet you at the port and drive you to meet the guide in Athens. Your time with the guide will end in Athens and then the driver will return you to the port. You will be away from the port from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Can we change the itinerary or timing of this tour?
No, this tour is not customizable. The start and end times cannot be changed.

Is this tour suitable for people with mobility issues?
Yes - both of the major sites this tour visits (Acropolis Museum and Ancient Greek Agora) are wheelchair friendly. There is an elevator that can take wheelchair-bound visitors straight to the Acropolis top, while there are ramps and paths in most parts of the Agora, facilitating access to monuments. You will also have a private car service at your disposal for getting between the sites during the tour.

Is this tour suitable for kids?
Yes – while this tour isn’t part of our official family portfolio, we do have a number of family-friendly guides who lead it.
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