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Berlin Wall Tour: Walking The Wall

Explore Berlin's divided past, tracing the footprint of the Berlin Wall with a local history expert
$351 and up
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3 hours
Photos & Highlights
  • Trace the path of the Berlin Wall
  • Led by a local expert in 20th-century history
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
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126 Reviews (4.84)

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Excellent tour. Great pace and very informative. Robert, who grew up in East German, provided an invaluable perspective which is often missed in western versions of the Cold war and its aftermath. A great tour.
Wow. I can’t imagine the tour without Robert. Not only is he an historian, he lived as an East Berliner prior to and after the wall. Our minds were truly expanded to gain another perspective of life in East Berlin. This is an essential tour for anyone interested in the history of Germany and the economic impact of the Berlin Wall (both before and after reunification)
Dora was great. Blended history, economics, social and political impact of before, during and after Berlin Wall.