About Federico
Federico, born and raised in the enchanting city of Rome, spent his childhood exploring the historic streets of this metropolis, which ignited his passion for the rich tapestry of history that surrounds it. With a keen interest that extends beyond the ancient world, Federico has also pursued studies focused on the Renaissance and the period of the Reformation, deepening his expertise in these pivotal eras of European history. A highly qualified historian, Federico comes equipped with a wealth of visual materials on his iPad, ready to share vivid illustrations and detailed reconstructions that bring Rome's history to life for his visitors. His enthusiasm for sharing the myriad of astonishing places and sights that Rome has to offer is infectious, covering everything from its archaeological treasures to the artistic and architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance. Federico can also provide invaluable tips on the most exciting attractions, top restaurants, and secret spots to experience Rome's vibrant nightlife. With his profound knowledge spanning from ancient times through the Renaissance and into the modern-day Rome, Federico is well-equipped to enrich your exploration of the Eternal City, ensuring your itinerary is filled with authentic and unforgettable experiences.
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