The Learning Continues on Thank you for four years of Learning

A Message from our CEO

In 2020, we created Context Learning to keep curious travelers and lifelong learners engaged, and to continue sharing our experts’ priceless knowledge through the pandemic. While Context’s live seminars are going away, we believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor and invite you to continue the journey with us at Context Travel.

Every City Has a Story to be Told

Context's Pre-Trip Talks, Tours, and Audio Guides take you behind closed doors to truly experience the history and culture of the places you want to see most. Keep learning in 60+ cities across the globe.

Pre-Trip Talks: Rome

Enjoy these lectures at any time. Available in 20+ cities.

Walking Tours: Mexico City

Connect with the soul of a place through the eyes and stories of those who call it home.

Audio Guides: Paris

Put your map away and explore the city at your own pace with your own personal tour guide in your pocket.