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Magical things happen when Context connects together

Once a year Context brings our remote team together for a week of in-person brainstorming, connection, and adventure. This year, we were thrilled to be able to travel as a team internationally again for the first time since the pandemic, and decided on the amazing metropolis of Mexico City. Together, we celebrated wins, reviewed strategy, and began planning for our biggest and most exciting year yet — Context’s upcoming 20th anniversary! We reflected on where we’ve been these past 20 years and reignited our mission, vision, and values…with team-building, trivia, and a little bit of tequila.

Meeting Our Experts

We were thrilled to be able to bring our local Mexico City experts together for a rooftop Aperitivo. At Context, we believe that the community we are creating expands beyond connecting clients with experts, to connecting our staff to experts and experts to one another, be it based on geographic proximity or topical interest. And as you can imagine, our experts make the **best **cocktail party guests! We mingled over mezcal while learning about their individual areas of expertise, artwork, and interesting extracurriculars, while also gaining insight on how we can better serve our guests.

Finally, our team had the opportunity to embark upon three in-depth tours: the National Museum of Anthropology Tour: Crash Course where we learned the background of Mexico City’s elaborate Aztec and colonial history, the Mexico City Architecture Tour: Roma and Condesa where we wandered through vibrant neighborhoods, and the Introduction to Mexico City: Explore the Historic Center where we connected key landmarks in the metropolis to the history of CDMX.

Mexico City Architecture Tour: Roma and Condesa

Whether you have an affinity for architecture or simply love a neighborhood stroll, this tour both intrigued us and introduced us to the iconic quarters in modern Mexico City. Our local guide, Julio, walked us from markets to mansions as he laid out the colorful and crooked (earthquake alert!) tapestry that makes up this culturally-rich pocket of the largest city in North America. Julio is an acclaimed expert in the Mexico City urbanscape for far more than his local knowledge — he is also an accomplished artist and professor of Urban Landscape, which also happens to be one of his main artistic muses.

Some more Context: Known as the colorful, hipster heart of Mexico City, Roma is known for its art deco mansions, vibrant street art, and some of the best food in the city. It was originally a neighborhood for CDMX’s upper-class, vestiges of which you can still see today. The 1985 earthquake caused Roma to fall on hard times, but it has since revitalized and become the eclectic area it is today. — Pinky, Marketing Team

Introduction to Mexico City: Explore the Historic Center

The “Introduction to Mexico City” tour was a comprehensive and chronological exploration of the living time capsule that makes up Mexico City’s historic center. Our team walked, talked, and time-traveled from the center of the Aztec Empire to the modern metropolis with our guide, Natalia. A talented creative, Natalia moved from her homeland Brazil to Mexico City, where she has studied Mexican arts, history, and literature and currently works with Mexican fashion designers.

Some more Context: Natalia’s artistic eye pointed out that the opulent and historical Gran Hotel Ciudad de México has a 1908 Tiffany stained glass ceiling and the hotel lobby was also a backdrop for in the 007 film, "Spectre." — Brittany, CX Team

National Museum of Anthropology Tour: Crash Course

This  was an up close and personal tour of some of the country’s most vital artifacts, such as the magnificent Stone of the Sun. Our expert, Jens, walked us through a dynamic discovery of the traditions and cultures which define Mexico historically, but also how these various elements have influenced modern-day Mexican culture. Born in Berlin, Jens has been all over the world and back. He chose Mexico City as his home nearly 30 years ago where he became a Mexico and South America licensed tour guide with a background in Latin American Studies and Political Science.

Some more Context: “Jens talked about how the Aztec population really embraced other cultures and adapted other settlers’ new ways of life and identity…” — Milena, Partner Sales Team

When Context Comes Together

On any Context tour, you can expect inspiring conversation and a deeper connection — with our expert guides, the culture, the place, and maybe even yourself. Our company offsite reinforced what the Context experience is all about: learning through experience, connection, and conversation. Over the course of the week, our team learned from our local experts and also learned from each other. Our curiosity-driven team continues to grow together and strive to provide the best experiences and experts for your next adventure.

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