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United Kingdom and Ireland Private Tours and Small Group Tours

United Kingdom & Ireland Private and Small Group Guided Tours

Famed for their music, theater, literature and sport, these small island nations have had an outsize influence on the world
Situated off the coast of western Europe, the United Kingdom’s four countries—England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland—and the Republic of Ireland have long stood apart from the European mainland, defined by the mingling of their native Celts and Anglo-Saxons with visitors like the Norse, Romans, and Normans.

These unique dynamics are reflected in the UK and Ireland, which all bear distinct customs and traditions but also share a long history of cultural innovation—ranging from illuminated manuscripts to Shakespeare to soccer—not to mention a lively and welcoming pub culture.

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Hazel is a very sweet lady who has vast knowledge on the subject manner. She also had a great sense of humor and was quick witted. Unfortunately, her memory is slowing as she had trouble remembering just a few things and repeated a couple of facts not really knowing she was doing this. She was also 20 minutes late at our meeting location. Thank god the van driver was there on time and contacted her or we might have given up and left. That said these were minor annoyances. But what was absolutely inexcusable was she showed up with a cough and continued coughing most of the day. She said she had a negative COVID test the day before and we recently had our third booster shot so I wasn’t too concerned about Covid, but in light of a heightened sense of awareness in spreading sickness these days your guides should not be showing up sick even if it’s a cold. Having paid over a $1,000 for this all day private tour I was not very happy with Context. In fact I was pretty angry most of the tour.
Laura was absolutely wonderful! She was incredibly engaging and patient with our young daughters. Her tour was one of the highlights of our trip and w will definitely book again when we return to London.
This was one of the most enjoyable guided tours we’ve ever had in any country. Laura (Blue Badge) was an engaging guide and shared so much unknown London history with our group. I would recommend this tour to anyone and I will definitely use Context again.